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What is the BlueSmart mia? What can it do?

BlueSmart mia is the world's first smart bottle feeding monitor. It tracks and analyzes your baby's consumption anytime, anywhere.

- Baby-safe silicone smart sleeve that tracks every feeding so you know when, what, and how much your baby is eating in real-time.

- Temperature, angle, and expiration warning lights ensure safe, optimal feedings.

- Works with most bottles, fitting any regular-shaped glass or plastic bottle

- Easily share baby's information, schedule, and history with family, caregivers, and the pediatrician.

- Wi-Fi-enabled sleeve syncs with a smartphone app - know the amount, temperature, duration, and angle of your baby's feedings right at our fingertips

- App tracks everything you and your pediatrician care about, also provides suggested feeding plans and tips.

- Wireless charger for convenient and worry-free charging.

- Easy-to-clean, with waterproof and baby-safe FDA Approved materials.

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