Something amazing is coming...

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The award-winning predecessor is getting an upgrade...

BlueSmart mia2

A smart sleeve that slides onto most baby bottles so you can monitor your baby’s feedings – know the details of what, when, and how much your baby is eating. Free BlueSmart mia companion smartphone app.  

Key Features:  

  • NEW Automatic portion measurement: no more manual entry (voice or written)
  • NEW Bluetooth enabled: Wi-Fi connectivity issues are a thing of the past
  • NEW Battery life boost: don't worry about charging for weeks
  • Temperature alert: be warned of milk or formula that’s too hot or cold
  • Expiration warning: be alerted to milk or formula that has been left out for too long
  • Angle alert: guidance to reduce gas in your baby’s stomach
  • Feeding duration: know that your baby is being fed at an adequate pace
  • And more...